Ethical Behavior, Outstanding Execution

At Sustainable Investments (formerly Logistics LatinAmerica), our motto is "Ethical Behavior, Outstanding Execution." Sustainable Investments is an incubator for Latin America businesses that provides a direct channel for diversified and high return foreign investments. We offer investments to those investors interested in participating in the fastest growing economies in Latin America. 

Each of our investment offerings is subjected to a disciplined and rigorous process to build collective situational awareness, validate business models and ensure the highest probability of success for each investment.  Our wide network of investment-opportunity hunters has boots-on-the-ground in Latin America to help discover and flesh out real-world business opportunities. 

A team of investment analysts then prioritizes and conducts analysis to thoroughly vet and explore each investment opportunity. Our unique hands-on and disciplined approach to market research, investment due diligence, and trial operations yields enhanced collective situational awareness for both investor and business leadership to maximize returns while effectively mitigating risks.

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